Hips:  3/4 = 7 (good)

PennHip: 0.37/0.31

Patella: 0/0 (unofficial)

Eyes:  Clear

DNA:  Clear

Elbows:  0/0

Height: 51cm

Weight: 19kg

EBVs:  -16|46%, -14|54%

Fray is my fun, crazy little wiggly mouse.  
Her drive and enthusiasm is incredible.  She will work and tug for hours, all day everywhere.  
Her food drive is also amazing, though she is a lab after all!
But she also has huge enthusiasm for a social reward and will do pretty much anything I ask her for the oppotunity of praise and affection.  
Her biddability is amazing, she will hang onto my every word and listen immediately without any delay, and I barely have to open my mouth to stop a bad behaviour.  
On walks, she is my shadow.  Unlike my other dogs who may all be running about sniffing or playing, she will often be found by my side, just heeling calmly for no reason.  She just seems to like it.  
Despite her sheer drive and enthusiasm, her impulse control and ability to be calm in daily life is very impressive.  She doesn't pull on the lead, she never looses her head, and is always able to listen and stay under control.  
She makes training easy!  
While she has been described as a mini malinois due to her drive, she is certainly a lab when it comes to her biddability and lack of reactivity! 
She is great with other dogs, and loves other people though she knows she has to ignore them.  
She is insanely fast and a very tight turner in agility and I can't wait to see her in flyball!  
DSC_0216 (2).JPG

Though she can be a bit sensitive, to me she is the perfect working dog.  High drive, but still biddable, friendly, unreactive and able to stay calm and switch off.  The kind of working dog people wish for.  

DSC_0258 (3) res.jpg
Fray pedigree.PNG


Kenynten Bolsena

Born 31.12.2018

Mother: Sweet Violet May

HD: 3/6, EBVS: -6|61%, 10|74%,Eyes Clear, CNM Clear

Father: Hawkoak Parrs Star of Stagshead

HD:2:2, EBVS: -25|63%, -37|78%, Eyes Clear, PRA clear