DM:  Clear

Epilepsy score:  High/Very High

When not working she is relaxed and calm, almost like an entirely different dog.  She is happy to lay around the house all day, and she sticks by my side.  Very stable, kind, friendly, happy, and gentle.  

4N3A8473-ZF-6661-00638-2-002-002 rotate.
Kunok Kincse Szepem Haru pedigree


Kunok Kincse Szépem

Born 09.09.16


Eyes:  Clear (18.07.17)

Heart:  Clear (12/07/17)

Height: 42cm

Weight: 11kg

Haru comes from Kunok Kincse kennel.  Both her parents were active working dogs as well as excellent show dogs.  Her mum worked goats and sheep and her dad worked on cattle and pigs.    

She is full of energy and passion for work, and loves to run around at full speed.  
She has good tug and ball drive, and will also happily work for food.  
Very easy to motivate and can also work for praise alone.  
She is also very friendly with both strange dogs and people, she has never once shown any dog selectivity or resource guarding, she will happily play with any strange dog.   
She is also great with children.  

In agility she is very tight turning and extremely enthusiastic and very loud and passionate!  She really puts her all into the sport.  


When doing tricks or obedience she is very fast at responding to each command and good at doing obedience from a distance.  

In herding she is quite exuberant and strong.  She loves a challenge, and is not afraid to go in!  

But she works quite close and can be a bit difficult to get behind the sheep, and can be a bit handler soft with hard corrections.  Great at convincing stubborn sheep to move.  

She is also excellent in new places and will take it all in her stride, laying down to relax even in busy areas like the vets or a dog show.  
She likes it best when she can sit by my feet.  

Haru Mudi