Hips: 5/6=11 (HD:B)

PennHip: 0.48/0.43

Patella: 0/0 (unofficial)

Eyes:  Clear


Elbows:  0/0

Height: 46cm

Weight: 15kg

Epilepsy Score:  High

DSC_0012 (3).JPG
He comes from Csudacifra Kennel in Hungary.  His parents are both excellent working dogs, and he is no exception.  
His focus and drive for work is incredible, and he has a lot of natural balance and stock sense, and the drive to work for long periods of time.  
He is an open, stable and balanced dog.  
Unlike many Mudi, he doesn't frustrate easily.  No matter how excited he gets, he always keeps his head on.  He does not spin, bite, or bark in excitement like is common in mudi.  
He loves every sport and activity we do.  Agility, obedience, flyball, he loves to work.  
In agility, he has natural distance work and a good start line wait.  
He has a lot of food drive and great toy drive for both tug and fetch, he particularly likes the part where he is chasing the toy. 
He will play and work anywhere without worry, he is good in new environments and at shows.  Will happily play fetch or do heelwork in the middle of a crowd with dogs, or equally can ignore them.
With strange dogs, he is very open and friendly, and will happily play with a new dog even if this is their first time meeting.  He has never shown any sharpness or aggression to other dogs.  
With people, he is more neutral but will willingly accept contact if you approach him gently.  
He is great with children, and has not shown any sharpness towards people.  
He doesn't resource guard, and is generally a very funny, happy and cuddly boy and an excellent Mudi. 
DSC_1264 (2).jpg


Csudacifra Erős Legény

Born 01.12.2017

Mother: Szürkevillám Úrnö

HD:A, ED:0, Patella:0/0

Father: Irhaberki Lednek Jutas 

HD:A, ED:0, Patella: 0/0