Kings Kerswell         Born 15.05.13

Neutered, bilateral cryptorchidism

Sunni stacked
Sunni standing



Sunni is just such a wonderful dog, so well behaved.  

Hecomesfromworkinglines, and is a very fast and talented agility dog with a ton of drive, both ball and food.  
However, he has an amazing off switch.  
He absolutely adores retrieving from water and is very intense, waiting endlessly for something, anything to fall into the water for him to retrieve.  
He doesn't swim for fun, he has to have a reason to go into the water, and he will wait for that reason.  
Otherwise, he will not enter the water. 

He is so obedient and trustworthy, and a real sweetheart.  He lives for cuddles, and is extremely velcro and loyal.  

He is an intense working dog, and fabulous pet dog, and the best first dog I could ever ask for  :)